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What Is Alcohol and Drug Detox?

When a person experiences an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, his or her body becomes used to having the substance in the system. When a person waits between drug or alcohol use times, he or she may experience withdrawals.

To truly overcome an addiction, the body must rid itself of its dependence on drugs or alcohol. This is accomplished through a process known as medical detox. Medical detox is when a person slowly and methodically goes through the detox process with the help of medical professionals like the ones at Drug Treatment Centers Lafayette. Call Drug Treatment Centers Lafayette today at 765-588-0764.

How Does Detox Work?

Medical detox starts the process where a person breaks his or her physical dependence through measures scientifically proven to benefit the body. At Drug Treatment Centers of Lafayette, this is accomplished through slow and controlled withdrawals from a substance. For example, if a person is addicted to alcohol, instead of quitting drinking altogether, a person may be given less and less alcohol until the body is less dependent on the alcohol. In the meantime, our medical experts may administer medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms. This makes the transition into not drinking at all go more smoothly.

Why Is It Dangerous to Detox at Home?

A contrast to medical detox is choosing to detox at home. Many people often try to quit drugs or alcohol “cold turkey” instead of using a slow and controlled approach. The cold turkey approach can cause a shock to the body, which can result in more harmful side effects than if a person were to detox more slowly.

Types of Detox Programs

Detox programs are available for a wide variety of patients with drug abuse history. This includes detox for patients addicted to methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, painkillers, heroin and more. Detox programs are also available for those suffering from alcoholism.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated With Detox

Because each drug type affects the body differently, there are different withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxing from certain drugs.

Methamphetamines: Methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms include intense depression, anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, increased appetite and severe fatigue.

OxyContin: OxyContin withdrawals that are mild are often passed off as flu-like symptoms. They include difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, rapid heartbeat, sweating, hot flashes and difficulty sleeping.

Alcohol: At its worst, withdrawals from alcohol can be life-threatening. Alcohol withdrawals can cause a condition known as the delirium tremens (DTs) that cause seizures, hallucinations and psychosis.

Heroin: Heroin withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, agitation, difficulty sleeping, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramping and sweating.

Withdrawal symptoms can range in severity depending on the patient. However, Drug Treatment Centers Lafayette doctor will administer medications for withdrawal and detox if a person is experiencing serious withdrawal effects.

For example, methadone is a drug prescribed to help reduce a person’s dependence on opiates, such as heroin. Methadone can help control cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is another medication prescribed to treat withdrawal symptoms. However, suboxone does not help control cravings.

Neurontin is commonly prescribed to reduce seizure-like activity in a person who is undergoing alcohol withdrawals. Antabuse is another medication prescribed to those struggling with addiction. Antabuse can make a person feel very sick when he or she drinks alcohol, which deters the person from drinking.

How Does Detox Trigger Relapse without Treatment?

Detox attempted at home instead of at a specialty care facility can easily trigger relapse. Without the support of medical professionals and friends or family, a person is more likely to give into temptations to abuse a substance to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Why Should a Person Seek a Residential Treatment Center for Detox?

Drug Treatment Centers Lafayette are home to a medical detox program to help people succeed in quitting drugs and/or alcohol abuse. A residential treatment center provides around-the-clock inpatient care that allows the person to begin his or her recovery with medical support and with fewer stressors from the outside world. Call Drug Treatment Centers Lafayette today at 765-588-0764.

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