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The Addiction Cycle

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The addiction cycle generally follows a pattern. Drugs and alcohol abuse normally has reasons behind its use. The reason why these individuals abuse these addictive substances varies from person to person yet there is generally a cycle or pattern that chemical dependency follows. Overcoming the addiction involves breaking the cycle. Once the cycle of addiction is broken, the root cause of the addiction must be dealt with as well. For instance, an alcoholic may be drinking to deal with stress or anxiety caused by some traumatic experience in the past. If the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction are not dealt with accordingly, chances are the addict is likely to relapse.

The addiction cycle usually begins with escape. The individual feels trapped or unable to find a solution to their problems. The problem could be chronic pain, problems in a relationship, financial struggles or even a terminal disease. Sometimes the person cannot endure dealing with these problems and he or she may experiment with drugs or alcohol in order to find an escape.

Users will eventually start enjoying abusing these substances which may result in tolerance. They will require larger doses in order to achieve the same effect. The body can become accustomed to drugs in their system and expect these substances to be there. Once the substance is use continually and tolerance is built, the person may also develop a physical and psychological dependence on the drug. At this point, the individual tries to hide the dependence from his or her loved ones.

The final stage is when the person places alcohol or drugs above everything else and will sacrifice anything to indulge in this destructive habit. Find an addiction recovery center and a treatment program to treat your addiction at 765-588-0764. There are valuable resources for looking for advice on the best drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment approach.

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